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irtual Pulse is a digital training platform with an extended reality training tool, including web and virtual reality modules. Virtual Pulse’s virtual simulations recreate real-life clinical situations that help develop clinical reasoning abilities required to meet patients’ health needs. Virtual Pulse’s virtual simulations teaches a health professional how to intervene in a variety of scenarios, and helps reduce errors, and improve patient safety and delivery of quality care. In a time when physical distancing and infection-prevention measures are strictly enforced, a digital training platform like Virtual Pulse makes it possible for current and returning healthcare providers to safely upskill from anywhere and during anytime.

The development of Virtual Pulse is co-founded by Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster and a project consortium that is led by TTA Technology Training Associates and brings together the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Unity Technologies, Animism Studios, CAE Healthcare and a number of B.C. health authorities.

Virtual Pulse digital platform currently contains:

  • Four (4) COVID-19 virtual simulation modules, for current nurses and healthcare professionals to use in training to deal with a number of challenges caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Nine (9) virtual simulation modules for upskilling current emergency and critical care nurses;
  • Twelve (12) virtual simulation modules for address certain key nursing competencies for undergraduate nursing students; and
  • Two (2) virtual reality experiences, which can be used by current and aspiring nurses and nursing students.

Sample Virtual Pulse Module

Here is a sample Virtual Pulse simulation module for you to try out.

This “Management of the COVID-19 Hypoxic Patient” module is an emergency department focused virtual simulation case where the learner cares for a crashing hypoxic patient. The module includes educational content on COVID 19 related topics such as oxygen supply and demand, prone positioning, and oxygen delivery systems. From your exploration of this real module, you have a good understanding of how Virtual Pulse’s training modules work.

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