CEO’s Remark

Leading organizations in both the public and private sectors recognize work-based training as a significant part of their operations. All of their employees are encouraged to update and enhance their skills to meet the challenges of a dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

TTA's corporate and industry training and consulting services provide customized, flexible and relevant training for professional growth and career success.

TTA is proud of its strong connections with local, national and international businesses and industries through partnerships and project delivery over the past 25 years. By using the comprehensive resources of its parent organization, BCIT, TTA makes better business solutions for its global clients and partners.

Amazing changes have taken place in human lives; more opportunities are given to us than ever before. TTA is mandated to seek more opportunities through working with its global clients to be successful. We will also continue our high-quality services through strategic alliances and partnerships for excellence.

Let us experience the great success together.

Jennifer Figner
Chief Executive Officer